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BUTTON CRAFT: How to make a Button Bracelet

Published in Arts & Craft
Written by  31 August 2017 Be the first to comment!
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I’m always on the lookout for simple crafts I can do with my girl. Button bracelets are easy for the kids to make and certainly help beat the summertime blues. They’re also perfect for any holiday – since it’s easy to pick the perfect buttons based on that holiday’s color scheme! There are so many fabulous color options!

To make button bracelets, you’re only going to need three simple tools:



Various colored buttons.
You’ll want the medium sized buttons, so they’re easier to thread
Elastic Threading String

First, cut a piece of elastic threading string approx. 12” long.


Tie an overhand knot at one end of the string.

Keep about 1/2” loop at the end.

Place two buttons on top of each other and thread from the bottom up. Then, thread back down on the hole across from the current position.



Repeat for all of your button pairs. It all depends on how long you want to make the bracelet!

Once you’re done, take the loose end of threading string and thread it through the loop on the opposite end, tying the two together tightly.

The elastic helps you get the bracelet on once it’s done, so you can tie it up tightly. I love that if they’re too small, they’ll still fit because of the elastic!

It’s pretty funny when your four year old BEGS to be the model for the bracelet, and tries to pose like a model. She loves that SHE got to make a bracelet!

There are a ton of possibilities for the holidays with these bracelets, and the more colors of buttons you give the kids, the more varieties they will come up with!



Happy Crafting!

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