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  • Free Website for Schools
  • 1. What is the free website package going to include?

    1. Web Design
    2. Web Hosting
    3. Training on Web Management (btw 2 & 3 days)
    4. Technical Support

  • 2. What about Domain Name Registration?

    You will only be required to pay for Domain Name Registration at the cost of five N5,000 (five thousand naira).


    The FREE PACKAGE includes ONLY

    1. Web Design
    2. Web Hosting
    3. Training on Web Management (btw 2 & 3 days)
    4. Technical Support

  • 3. What are the benefits of a website to my School?

    Find below:

    1.Since it is Online, the website allows you to reach out to a wider market and the entire world. (Just Imagine having your School’s Information Brochure online)

    2. Corporate Email Address (e.g., which improves your Corporate Presentation. This is far better that using Non-corporate Email Addresses like YAHOO, GMAIL etc.

    3. Parents at their convenience, can go to your website and download soft copies of your information (e.g. Newsletter, Magazine, School Result, Continuous Assessment, Report Sheet etc.) from the website. This saves the School the cost of printing and other administrative costs.


    Your School’s website can also contain the following:


    4. Calendars for your school activities, school schedules, bus schedules etc.

    5. School Policy statements (e.g. dress code, Internet use, attendance etc.)

    6. School news on individual student achievements or group achievements

    7. Information on your school’s learning activities including academic requirements

    8. Information on school extra-curricular activities (e.g. clubs and other unique programs)

    9. Links to teacher webpages and also staff contact information

    10. Links to organizations or websites outside the school that support the your school's academic program

    11. Links to software that contain your student data

    12. Types of Forms you may wish to have on your website (e.g. permission slips, course registration, attendance waivers, transcript requests etc.) that can reduce the costly reproduction of paper copies

    13. List of your Board and Management Team Members

    14. Photos of your Staff, Students and Events

    15. An Online discussion forum for your teachers, administrators, students and parents to exchange educational and developmental information

    16. Link to your school social media pages (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • 4. How much is the token that it will cost us to renew the website after 1 year?

    N30,000 ONLY for

    • Domain Name Renewal
    • Web Hosting
    • Technical Support

  • 5. How soon can the website be ready?

    Within 1 (one) month! Provided you have supplied all your information needed for developing the website.

  • 6. How do we get our school information across to you for the website design?

    You can fill and submit our online web design form by clicking on the “Free Web” menu/link or the banner at the right column of the page which says “Free Website for Schools”. OR you can download and fill the PDF version of our web design form and then mail it back to

  • 7. What kind of domain name will you register for us?

    Either “” OR “

  • 8. Do you register an ordinary .COM instead of .NG

    We register ONLY .NG domains e.g. YOURSCHOOL.COM.NG and YOURSCHOOL.SCH.NG. But we have more preference of .SCH.NG

  • 9. What hosting space/size will you give us?


  • 10. Can we get higher hosting space than the 1GB you are giving us?

    We can expand your hosting space when the need arises

  • 11. How many Email Addresses can we have with our website?


  • 12. How can we be updating our websites?


    Web Management Training is already part of the free package. If you are interested in attending the training, we will schedule a convenient date for you. The training will allow you to be doing the web updates yourself.


    Our Web Development/Technical Support Team can help you with your updates.

  • 13. We already have a Website. How can we take advantage of this free website offer?

    To take advantage of this offer, we will have to re-develop and host a more interactive and functional website for your School.

  • 14. We already have a School website and we are not interested in the New Website offer. Can we still benefit in some other ways?

    Yes! You can benefit. You will need to take the following steps:

    1. Add your school on our website by clicking the “Add Your School” link.
    2. Join Our Mailing List on the website
    3. Like us on our Facebook page.


    After taking the 3 steps above, the following are what you can benefit:

    • Direct link to your School’s Website. This will make it possible for thousands of visitors that come to PRIVATESCHOOLSINNIGERIA.COM to click and easily get to know more about your School



    Featuring your School on PRIVATESCHOOLSINNIGERIA.COM



    Announcement of your School Events in the Events section of our Website



    Promoting your School through PSNP’s Social Media Platforms. Our Social Media Platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube



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