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Africa Community School, Abuja

Africa Community School is a co-educational institution established over a decade ago out of a passion to make a positive Difference in the lives of young people in Africa, using Nigeria as the starting point.


ACS is driven by a vision to provide quality education in a congenial environment for students, Africa Community School emphasizes the inculcation of core values such as discipline, hard work, honesty and integrity in children to ensure the emergence of well-rounded individuals who would contribute immensely to the development of their society and indeed the world at large.


We are focused on building every child that passes through our School in a unique way, adopting holistic approach to their upbringing under our Motto "Knowledge in the fear of God". It is also our firm conviction that the parents, the school and the children must cooperate fully to achieve the above objective. Attainment of excellence in all segments is our goal and this must be achieved without compromising our faith.


Our school, though faith-based, has no formal link to any religious denomination. We apply Christian principles in the overall training and management of both students and staff.



Plot 1849, Mohammaed Mahathir Street, Asokoro Extension - Abuja,
Phone: 08132880390, 08036412216
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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